Introducing the Mark Allen IT – End User Computing blog


The reasons

I have been working in IT for 13 years now and have always been ready to assist my colleagues when necessary, however I feel that something is missing. To help a colleague resolve an issue they are struggling with is a satisfying experience but I can help more. I can’t count the number of times I have found solutions to problems that are not documented on the internet and every time I reach the solution I immediately jump into the next problem.

My work history



I am also motivated for selfish reasons, because things are rarely completely altruistic, I never take the time to really reflect on what I have done. I do think over things and realise how I could have completed a task in a better way but it is not as thorough as the examination you need to give your work when you are publishing your methods to the world. Continuing on the selfish theme I also feel that if my profile was raised that I would get the opportunity to work on some more interesting problems.



The topics

So what do I do? I am a man of contradictions in this respect.



My bread and butter, my day job, involves proprietary enterprise software mainly from Microsoft; App-V, SCCM, Windows Installer, Windows desktop management, PowerShell, Citrix XenApp & Xen Desktop, VMWare ThinApp and more.




Outside of work I love OpenSource solutions and the community. I have done an extensive amount of work in PHP and MySQL; I have created my own custom CMSs in pure PHP back in 2002 and from about 2007 using frameworks like Codeignier and CakePHP. This list is not exhaustive but forms the core of my experience.




The target audience

I’m hoping to connect with like minded individuals across enterprise IT, the OpenSource community and freelance website developers; please share your thoughts and let me know if there are any topics you would like me to cover.

The aims


I want to share my experiences but also to perform more structured analysis of my own work; I want to scrutinise my own work before allowing others to do the same. I’m also hoping to contribute more to the OpenSource community; I’ve been a member of GitHub for 5 years and I have zero public commits. I aim to rectify this and document it here.

So this is my mission statement; I hope you enjoy my blog.

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