PowerShell Module: Set the ConfigMgr Limiting Collections

I wrote a short blog post recently describing how you can semi-automatically update the limiting collection for all collections in a Configuration Manager console folder here.

However, as is commonly the case, a one-time task became something that needed to be done at scale. We suddenly needed to embark on a mass reorganisation of our ConfigMgr objects, including a rethink of the limiting collections. Once the new design was put together it was clear that the limiting collection would need to be updated on almost all the collections.

This was an opportunity I had been waiting on to exercise my PowerShell skills and publish my first module.

Get the module

If you have PowerShell version 5 or above you can grab the module by running the following command:


You can view the project on GitHub here:



You can view it on PowerShellGallery.org here:



To update the limiting collection for a console folder, simply comp the path from the address bar in the console.

Call the Set-LimitingCollectionForFolder function, passing the folder path and the target limiting collection name.

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