Bulk update ConfigMgr limiting collection

UPDATE: the requirement below grew after I wrote this post, and so I have created a module to streamline the process; you can read about and get it from here.

This is the second time that I needed to perform this task so, even though it is quite simple, I thought I would put it out there in case it helps someone else.

First, all the collections were within the same console folder so I opened the folder in the console and selected all the collections and pressed CTRL + C; when right clicking the selection ‘copy’ is disabled.

I pasted the results into excel and copied the collection name column into notepad and saved as collections.txt.

I know that the previous steps can be achieved programmatically but it would be overkill for this particular task.

Finally I executed a single line of PowerShell to update all of the collections listed in the txt file:

Simply replace <NewLimitCollId> with the ID of your new limiting collection.

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