Batch update Configuration Manager Software Metering Rules


I recently encountered an issue where a batch of Software Metering rules were not returning any results because the language settings were too specific.

To resolve the issue I used two PowerShell commands to batch update the language to “Any”.

The metering rules were all prefixed with a regular string so I first retrieved an array of these.

It is a good idea at this point to output the resultant array to check that you have captured the correct rules.

I then iterated through the resultant array to set the language to any using the language ID 65535.

To confirm in powershell we need to repopulate the $rules array and then output the results.

This method can be used to bulk update the following rule attributes:

  • Comment
  • FileVersion
  • LanguageId
  • NewProductName
  • OriginalFileName
  • Path
  • SiteCode

More detail can be found here:

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